ASAP Skincare Serums: Which one is right for you

Serums are skin products that deliver active ingredients into the skin. There are many different types of serums available which do different things in the skin eg hydration serums, skin brightening serums or anti-ageing serums. Adding an active serum to your routine is a great way address skin care concerns.

ASAP Skincare have a fab range of potent serums. So what serum should you use? Read on to see which one is your match.

Super B Serum

ASAP Super B contains Hyaluronic Acid and Nicinamide (Vitamin B). This is a serum to increase skin hydration and calm the skin. It is suited to both oily and dry skin types as it won’t clog pores. I believe every skin type should use this daily to maintain healthy, hydrated skin. This is a drink of water for your skin! asap_Super_B

Super C Serum

ASAP Super C is an antioxidant serum with a high concentration of L-ascorbic acid Vitamin C. This is a pure Vitamin C serum and is ideal for daily use for all skin types. The active Vitamin C will help reduce pigment, prevent lines and wrinkles and give a glow to the skin. This is ideal serum if you are looking for a glowing complexion.Super_C_Serum_asap

Radiance Serum

ASAP Radiance serum is an active serum with AHAs & BHAs. This serum helps to brighten dull, tired and ageing skin, leaving skin noticeably smoother and more refined skin texture. While this is suitable for all skin types it is particularly useful for anyone prone to congestion or breakouts.Radiance_serum_asap

I hope this helps you choose an active serum suited to your skin 🙂

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