Alumier galway


AlumierMD is a medical skincare line developed by a team of scientists and dermatologists. The products are available only through skin specialists. ‘Alumier’ comes from the word ‘illuminate’, which means to make clear or bright. 

why use alumier skincare?

  1.  Alumier products contain clinically proven and prescription-strength ingredients. This means you can get great results.
  2.  Alumier treat a range of skin conditions like acne, rosacea, wrinkles, and sensitive skin. It is also a great skincare brand for those who want a fresh, healthy and glowing skin.
  3.  Alumier skincare products are cruelty free and never tested on animals. They are also paraben free, artificial fragrance free, sulfate free and dye free.

alumier skincare GALWAY

At the salon, I provide Alumier facials, retinol skin treatments, enzyme facials, acne treatments and various AlumierMD chemical peels. You can book an AlumierMD skin treatment with me here.

I also stock a full line of Alumier skincare products for your daily use at home. Book an online skin consultation to find out the best skin products to suit you.


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