Are you unsure what skin products you should be using on your skin? There are so many products to choose from that it can all become a little overwhelming. If you don’t have a great skin routine and are unsure where to start, then here are a few simple skin tips to help. Note that this is a basic skin routine for someone starting out. So, after a few weeks you can add in some targeted serums etc as needed.

Any healthy skin routine should include cleansing twice a day, hydration with an appropriate moisturiser and sun protection. Once you have these basics you are off to a pretty good start.


1. Cleanse

All good skin starts with good cleansing! Ditch the make-up wipes and opt for a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. Throughout the day your skin is covered with make-up, sebum and sweat that is secreted from your glands, dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. If not cleansed off at night, all this debris will build up and block the follicles. So, cleansing is an essential step in every skin routine, regardless of whether you wear make-up or not.

When choosing a cleanser be sure to pick one that suits your skin type and skin concerns. For example, one that works great for my dry skin may actually create havoc on someone with oily prone skin and vice versa. Usually, depending on the ingredients, I recommend a cream cleanser for dryer skin and a gel cleanser for oily skin. If you need help choosing a cleanser feel free to get in touch.

2. Sunscreen

In the morning, always try to use a sunscreen. UVA rays from the sun not only cause skin cancers, but also cause premature ageing, fine lines and pigmentation. Sunscreen is a step a lot of us in Ireland tend to overlook due to the fact that we have so little sun here. However, harmful UV rays are present whether it’s raining, cloudy or sunny. So, sun protection is still important throughout the winter months.

You can get a face moisturiser with a sun protection added to it. Try to use a moisturiser that has a broad spectrum SPF 30+ every morning for full protection. This is the secret to a youthful looking skin!

3. Moisturise

Every skin type needs to moisturise, even oily skin. It is just a matter of choosing the best moisturiser for you.

If oily-prone, try a light-weight or oil-free moisturiser. A rich or heavy cream will just leave you with an oily shine, open pores and breakouts. So, in the morning, apply a light-weight moisturiser with added sunprotection, as above. At night, apply either a light-weight moisturiser or just a light hydration serum.

For a dry or mature skin, you can use richer textures. In the morning, you will apply a nourishing moisturiser with added sun protection. The skin repairs itself overnight, so, before bed, you might like to add in a richer moisturiser or an active moisturiser with anti-ageing peptides.



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