It’s time to start that Christmas shopping!

I have put together a simple skincare gift guide for Christmas. I have recommended a suitable skin product for each skin type. Lots of us are on a budget when Christmas shopping. So, where appropriate, I have added a cheaper gift option and a more expensive option.

All products can be ordered via Maria’s Beauty Haven online skin shop.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Gifts for a special Mum

Under €50 skincare gift: Glo Soothing Gel Mask €43 – This hydrating, anti-ageing mask is a great for all skin types throughout winter! Soothing Gel Mask tones, reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles and adds intense hydration. This gentle formula features extracts of cucumber and soothing botanicals to soften and hydrate. For use twice a week. Buy online here.

Under €100 skincare gift: Alumier AluminEye €67 – This award winning eye cream contains active ingredients that immediately lighten any under-eye darkness! Use daily to improve firmness, decrease fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.AluminEye_Alumier_Eycream

Gifts for a Bestie or Sister

Under €50: Alumier Bright & Clear Solution €49 – A skin conditioning toner suited to all skin types. Lactic Acid will gently exfoliate, improve complexion and brighten the skin! This is an active but gentle chemical exfoliant suited for daily use.

Under €100: A Voucher for a Customised Chemical Peel €90 – Because who doesn’t want glowing skin for Christmas! All peels are customised to suit, so this gift will suit everyone. I offer gentle starter peels for those that don’t want any peeling or recovery time. A chemical peel is the ideal treatment to give your friend a glowing complexion, a soft hydrated skin and longer lasting makeup. It will also improve any skin concerns. You can purchase a voucher here.

Gifts for someone with Oily skin 

Under €50: Heliocare Water Gel SPF 50 €35 – A light-weight moisturiser with added sun protection. The perfect moisturiser for an oilier skin that won’t clog pores. It also offers a broad spectrum sun protection which will protect from the sun’s damaging rays. For use every morning. Buy online here.

Under €100: A Voucher for an Acne Clay Facial €75 – This is a highly effective treatment to refine and purify the skin. A unique mask with clay and exfoliating ingredients will remove dead skin cells and clearing up any trapped oil. This is suitable for adults, teens, men and women.


Gifts for someone with Acne or Breakouts

Under €50: Glo Renew Serum €42 This serum stimulates mild exfoliation, reduces open pores, clears breakouts and gives a more even skin texture. This is a multi-functional, award-winning serum containing retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. Use twice a week, at night.

Under €100: A Voucher for a Salicylic Chemical Peel €90 – This 45 minute treatment deeply cleanses pores, treats breakouts, helps balance the complexion, even out the skin. It will also help treat and prevent acne scarring.

Gifts for someone with Dry Skin

Under €50: Alumier Hydraboost Cream Cleanser €37 – A hydrating pH balanced cleanser that gently removes impurities, excess oil and makeup. The natural cleanser yucca seed extract gently cleanses the skin. Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil and argan oil moisturise, leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated!

Under €100: Alumier HydraDew Moisturiser €71 – An intensely rich formula that moisturises, nourishes and improves skin texture. Anti-ageing peptides firm and strengthen the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use at night before bed. The perfect moisturiser for skin throughout winter.


Gifts for a Dull skin in need of Brightness

Under €50 skincare gift: Alumier Bright & Clear Solution €49 – A refreshing skin conditioning toner with lactic acid to exfoliate and refine the skin’s complexion. A gentle chemical exfoliant suited to all skin types. Apply with cotton pads every night for a brighter, smoother skin.

Under €100 skincare gift: Alumier Vitamin Rich Smoother €86 – Vitamin Rich Smoother spotlights the synergistic antioxidant duo of 15% vitamin C and vitamin E to brighten and revitalise the look of the skin. This formulation is the perfect base for makeup. Its silky consistency evens out skin texture, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin and leaves it looking and feeling smooth.

Gifts for a Mature Skin Type (ie older skin age 40+)

Under €100: A Voucher for an Glycolic Chemical Peel €90 – This is a versatile chemical exfoliant treatment appropriate for all skin types. Benefits of this treatment include brighter skin, decreased pigmentation, reduced lines and improved skin texture.

Gifts for Rosacea

Under €80: A Voucher for an Advanced Rosacea Facial €75 – A gentle chemical exfoliation treatment, created especially for Rosacea! A blend of AHAs and PHAs exfoliate, repair and brighten the skin. It also, contains reparative antioxidants, anti-bacterials and healing anti-inflammatories.

Under €100: Alumier Calm-R €93 – Calm-R is a soothing, hydrating serum that improves redness, sensitivity, blemishes and rosacea. Use twice a day to dramatically reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

Skincare gift suited to Everyone

Under €100 skincare gift: Voucher for an Advanced Skin Consultation €60 – A one hour thorough skin assessment with Maria, skin specialist nurse. The perfect gift for anyone that wants to look after their skin.


I hope this Skincare Gift Guide was beneficial. If you have any questions on products free to comment below.

All products mentioned above can be bought at Maria’s Beauty Haven, Oranmore. They can also, be bought on our online skin shop.

Maria xx

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