Facials at Maria’s Beauty Haven are always customized to your skincare needs. I use active skincare and usually include a face, neck and shoulder massage. A chemical peel treatment offers skin resurfacing for those looking for results. 

Skin consultations are available for anyone wishing to adapt a correct skin routine, brides undergoing pre-wedding skincare preparation or anyone seeking education and management of a skin condition.

I also provide food intolerance testing. What you eat can impact both your body and skin. If you are struggling to manage acne, eczema, rosacea, irritable bowel syndrome etc a food intolerance test may be beneficial. 

Although I love all parts of the beauty world, I have a passion for skincare and enjoy seeing results. My approach to problematic skin is a combination of a thorough skin consultation, active skin treatments, a daily skin routine, education on the skin condition and where appropriate, diet and lifestyle changes.

Feel free to contact me to book a skin consultation or treatment at Maria’s Beauty Haven.