Online Skin Consultations with our Skin Specialist Nurse

Includes a 45 minute video skin consultation and follow-up. Have a call or video chat with Maria, our nurse, at your chosen appointment time and get expert advice and education on your skin.

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What is a skin consultation?

A skin consultation is an appointment with a skin specialist to get expert advice and education on your skin type or skin concerns. It includes a thorough skin assessment, education on your skin type and any skin concerns. You will get a recommended skin routine and will get a clear idea of how to use different products. 

What is an online skin consultation?

You can now book an online skin consultation and have your skincare assessment with our nurse from the comfort of your home via video call. 

What happens during my skin consultation with Maria?

Your first consultation will last around 45 minutes. Maria’s skin consultations are unique in that they focus on education. During your skin consultation, we will discuss your current skincare routine, diet and lifestyle and discuss any skincare concerns you have. Maria will recommend a skincare routine that is tailored to your specific skin care needs. When possible, we can work your current products into your routine and recommend some new ones if needed.  Maria will follow up with you a few weeks later to make sure all is going okay with your new skincare routine, make some changes if necessary and answer any questions you may have. There is no charge for a follow

How can I book?

Simply click the ‘book now’ button below and then choose a day and time that suits you.

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Why book a consult with Maria’s Beauty Haven?

Maria is an expert in her field, with qualifications in nursing, skin cancers and advanced skincare so you are in safe hands. With her extensive experience in skincare and in working with multiple cosmeceutical and medical skincare lines, she can offer you professional unbiased skin advice. 

How will an online skin consultation help me?

A skin consultation will give you a clearer understanding of your skin. After your appointment you will feel better able to manage any skin conditions and know how to treat your skin type. It will also ensure you are on a daily routine that suits your skin. You will get a recommended skin routine and have a follow-up after a few weeks with the nurse. Booking a consultation with a skincare expert will prevent you from wasting money on products that are not suitable for your skin. 

How do I prepare for my consultation?

If possible, apply no products to your face on the morning of your appointment. If you have a current skin routine, have the skincare products you are using to hand during the consultation so Maria can go through these. 

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Having struggled with acne for years, I decided to book a consultation with Maria. She has a nice private salon. She gave me some good advice and recommended some products I should use. Now three months on I am very happy with my skin and how it looks and feels. Maria has a great knowledge of the skin and I would highly recommend her to anyone with acne.


I had a glycolic chemical peel at Marias Beauty Haven. My skin feels like its glowing and my makeup sits great and lasts all day. A lovely treatment!


I had a skin consultation with Maria in August, I found her really helpful. She just gave me a new serum and toner to use along with my current products and my skin is much better since! I will be back soon