‘Tanning Thursday’ is becoming very popular as we all want a nice glowing skin for the weekend! There are so many different fake tans available now so, there is bound to be something out there to suit your skin. However, the concern many people have when applying a fake tan is that dreaded patchy look. With the summer fast approaching, I am going to give you a few tips to help you achieve a flawless fake tan.


The tan I like to use is Cocoa Brown. I like it as it is a nice colour, made specifically to suit an Irish skin tone. It also is free from parabens and nasties. It is a safe tan for pregnancy or sensitive skins. Whatever your tan preference, try these tips below.



The key to a good fake tan is good skin preparation. The smoother the skin, the better the tan!

Exfoliate the skin regularly. Apply a gentle scrub in the shower and pay particular attention to the elbows, knees, heels and ankles. When you come out of the shower, apply a moisturiser. If your skin is hydrated and smooth you will get a much longer lasting tan and your fake tan will fade evenly. If you want to shave your legs, do this the day before tanning.



Have a light shower in the morning but don’t exfoliate or apply any lotions, creams, deodorant or perfume. Wear loose fitting clothes and underwear to avoid tan lines. It can be beneficial to apply a clear nail polish to your nails. This will stop any tan staining the nails.



Avoid swimming until you want your tan to come off. Take showers instead of baths. After showering, pat your skin dry, don’t rub.¬†Two days after you apply your fake tan, start to moisturise your skin after showering. The trick here is to use an oil-free moisturiser! This will not cause the tan to separate. An oily moisturiser will.

After four or five days, when you would like your tan to start coming off gradually, begin to exfoliate. Use a gentle scrub in the shower and then moisturise.


I hope these fake tan tips help you achieve a healthy glowing skin.


Maria x

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