AlumierMD Skincare

AlumierMD is a luxurious medical skincare line, available only through skin specialists. ‘Alumier’ comes from the word ‘illuminate’, meaning to make clear or bright.

A team of leading scientists and dermatologists created the skincare line. Their aim was to create the most effective and up-to-date formulations while using optimal medical-grade ingredients. Therefore, this is a skincare range that truly delivers results.

Why did I choose AlumierMD skin products for my clients?

  • Skin ingredients used are prescription-strength so, this is medical-grade skincare.
  • Thorough research has gone into the development of these products and the ingredients used are all clinically proven.
  • The skin products are cruelty-free and never test on animals.
  • AlumierMD skin products are all paraben free, artificial fragrance free, sulfate free and dye free. 

AlumierMD effectively treats a range of skin concerns including acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, dry skin, pigmentation and ageing skin. It is also ideal for anyone that just wants to have a glowing, fresh skin!

I stock a full line of AlumierMD skincare products for your at-home skin routine. I also offer AlumierMD facials, retinol skin treatments, enzyme facials, acne treatments and various chemical peels. For more information on skin treatments or to book a skin consultation phone 085 1459826.

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