I have put together 6 easy make-up tips to help you achieve a glowing skin and a flawless and long lasting make-up.

1. Exfoliate

Firstly, concentrate on removing all your dead skin cells so you have a clean canvas to work on. A lack of exfoliation can result in patchy foundation, flaky and dry skin and a dull finish.
Exfoliate twice a week for a flawless make-up and a brighter complexion.
(For help with exfoliation read my post on Winter Skincare.)

2. Cleanse

A quick cleanse in the morning will remove excess oil and dead skin cells.
Cleansing will ensure your make-up lasts much longer.

3. Moisturise

A rich, heavy texture won’t give a good finish under make-up. So, choose a light-weight moisturiser. I currently use AlumierMD Hydralight moisturiser. Or, in the summer months Glo’s Daily Hydration. If you have dryer skin, apply your rich moisturiser the night before, to hydrate and restore your skin overnight.

4. PrimeAlumierMD-Galway

I don’t tend to use make-up primers as I feel if you have your skin prepped well, then your make-up will last.

However, I have been using theĀ AlumierMD Vitamin Rich Smoother a lot lately under make-up. This is an active serum with 15% Vitamin C, but is also a face primer. Apply it as the final step in your morning routine to brighten, create a glow and smooth the skin before make-up. This is suited to all skin types except oily or acne prone. You can order this product here.

If you have very oily skin or lots of open pores, a primer is beneficial.
Benefit porefessional is a great one for filling in pores or for texture irregularities.

5. Tools

Spend some time selecting the tools you use to apply your make-up. There are so many different make-up brushes available and all give a different finish. One I love, for liquid foundation, is the Blank Canvas F20 Brush. This gives good coverage and a long-lasting and flawless finish to your make-up.

6. Set & Hydrate

Finally, apply a hydrating spray to set, hydrate and prevent make-up from breaking down! This Hydrating Mist or MAC Fix+ spray are two I love.

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