A skin peel is one of my favourite treatments to do. The benefits of a chemical peel include improved skin texture, tone and a brighter healthier skin. I offer a range of peel solutions to treat a variety of skin concerns such as teenage acne, ageing skin, sun damage, pigmentation and rosacea. Many people also choose to get regular peels for a healthy glowing skin.

Chemical-peel-galwayChemical peels can range from superficial to deep. The downtime afterwards depends on the treatment done. With a light skin peel, clients often experience mild facial redness and are happy to pop back to work afterwards. I am a registered nurse with advanced skin peel training. After a skin analysis and a chat I can advice on the most suitable peel for you depending on your skin goals.

Treatment time is usually 40 to 60 minutes. While you will see results after one treatment, best results are often seen after a course of 4 to 6 chemical peels. To book a peel or skin consultation phone 085 1459826 or contact me here.