A skin consultation with a skin specialist is key when it comes to finding a skin routine to suit your skin!

What is a skin consultation?

A consultation with Maria includes a skin analysis, a chat about your current routine, some education on your skin type and any skin ingredients that might suit.

You will leave the salon with a clear understanding of your skin type. We will chat about your skin goals and how best to achieve them. You will get a recommended skin routine and know how to use different products.



Who should book a skin consultation?

  • Everyone: A skin consultation is beneficial to anyone that wants to achieve healthy, fresh skin. We will ensure you are using products that suit your skin type and will help you achieve optimal skin health.
  • Brides or Grooms: A wedding skin consultation will help you achieve a glowing skin before the big day.
  • Anyone with a Skin Condition: Teenage acne, adult acne, rosacea, eczema, sensitive skin, open pores or dry skin are all skin conditions that can be managed and controlled. 

If possible, apply no products to your face the morning of your appointment. Feel free to bring any skincare products you are currently using with you as we will go through these.

All skin consultations are carried out by Maria, skin specialist and registered nurse. You have the option to attend Maria’s Beauty Haven in Oranmore for your consultation or you can book an online skin consultation and chat with your skin specialist from the comfort of your home.

All are welcome for consultations and skin treatments, women, men and teens.

To book your skin consultation phone 0851459826 or book online.