Acne is a common skin condition seen in both teenagers and adults. It often begins with hormone changes. For some, it is short-lived. For others it can persist through adulthood and cause a lot of distress. Thankfully, there are much better treatments available in recent years.

Acne Triggers
Acne triggers can include medications, stress or anxiety, diet, hormonal changes, menstrual cycle, environment, genetics, improper cleansing and using makeup or skincare products that are not appropriate for your skin.

What can I do to control my Acne? 
Depending on the severity of the condition, I recommend a combination of treatments. Education, a daily skin routine, diet changes and some salicylic chemical peels can all help to control and treat acne. The first place to start should be getting on an appropriate daily routine. It is important to treat your acne in order to avoid scarring later. There are many effective active products available. Small changes to your daily skin routine can make a big difference.acne-management


3 simple tips to get you started!
1. Cleanse morning and night to keep bacteria at bay.

2. Introduce Salicylic Acid to your routine.
This will dissolve excess oil, reduce inflammation, exfoliate and deep cleanse your pores. Glo Purifying Gel Cleanser is one of the products I love for teenage acne. It is very effective in oil control but won’t dry out the skin.

3. Wash your pillowslips and make-up brushes regularly.

Acne skin routine


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