What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by facial redness and flushing. Women are more commonly affected, but the condition tends to be more severe in men. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. Some may only experience flushing and facial redness, while others experience flushing, red, hot and irritated skin, dilated blood vessels, red bumps and/or pustules on the skin.

How can I get rid of my rosacea? 

I recommend a combination of a daily skin routine, in-salon skin treatments, trigger avoidance and if necessary, oral/topical medications. Treatments and products will always depend on the stage and severity of your condition. Be sure to seek a skin consultation and get on a good daily skin routine.

A daily skin routine for rosacea:

Any good skin routine begins with cleansing, moisturising and protecting daily. Rosacea is no different. Recently, I have noticed a few clients with rosacea shying away from skincare and make-up in fear that it will cause a flare-up. Once you use appropriate products to suit you should have no trouble. Try focusing on gentle skincare products with hydrating properties to start. We want to strengthen and hydrate the skin.skin-consultation-galway

My top 3 skincare products for Rosacea:

1.Cleanse: All good skincare starts with good cleansing. Opt for a gentle cleanser with hydrating ingredients.
2. Vitamin C – Anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, anti-ageing, the list of skin benefits with Vitamin C is endless! Try introducing a Vitamin C antioxidant serum in the morning.
3. Broad spectrum SPF – Sunlight is one of the biggest triggers for rosacea. When possible, try to avoid too much sun exposure. Use an SPF moisturiser daily.
There are also some more active skin products available if required which can give good results.

I hope this helped. As always, if you have any questions on rosacea or skincare feel free to get in contact.


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